Children's Intensive In-Home Behavioral Support

helping you and your child right where you live

Life can be challenging for families and children in today’s busy world, especially if behavior problems are negatively affecting home, school, or community experiences. Now thereÂ’s help for you, your family and the unique child in your life.

a new approach

Children's Intensive In-Home Behavioral Support (CIIBS) is an innovative program designed to support children and families dealing with challenging behaviors. CIIBS provides training and support to help keep families together. By making it possible for the child to be successful at home, CIIBS aims to prevent the need for children to live separately from their family. The CIIBS program is managed by the Division of Developmental Disabilities. SL Start is a contracted provider of CIIBS services.

help for your child

CIIBS is designed to teach your child the skills he or she needs to be successful at home, at school, and in the community. These skills will address challenging behaviors, creating a better life now and greater independence in the future.

Our behavior experts work with you and your child's support team to gather information and create a personalized support plan. Our professionals will provide hands-on support and ongoing training to you and your family at each step along the way.

help for your family

CIIBS services were designed with parents and siblings in mind. Family supports include individualized training, education and respite. Your family will learn to use Positive Behavior Support and a variety of related techniques which lessen the stress of everyday challenges for everyone involved.

creating success

Each child is unique, with their own strengths and abilities. We listen to you so that we can create solutions tailored to fit your family's values, culture, and home structure. Then we bring together the right team to create success for your child. Ongoing communication with family, teachers, and providers is a key part of how we ensure progress. SL Start has over 30 years of proven success helping children and families just like yours.